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I've found a lovely, sneaky way to deal with my icon loneliness:


I'm gonna go join the two really, really unbelievably excellent iconmakers at cereal_killerz! This community will stay up, including all old icon posts, but I won't be posting here anymore. This place has been fun and totally, 100% kickass, but when such an opportunity presented itself I just couldn't pass it up, you know? Also, they've indentured my cat.


WATCH cereal_killerz?
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Many thanks to my dearest Donnell. Unfortunately, she's informed me she doesn't have the stamina to keep up this hobby, and has had to back out. Looks like it's just me again.

Expect me to do something about how lonely it is here... soon.
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{104 icons} In which I've actually made icons for a fandom I'm not in. Whoa.

Guess what, you guys? I forgot completely about my speed requests. 8D I'm too tired to do anything about it tonight, but now that I remember them I WILL get them done, I swear. D: In the meantime...

57 Kitties + other stock
15 Harry Potter
10 Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
22 Miscellaneous (Digimon, the Twelve Kingdoms, Supernatural, Bleach)


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S-So I missed my own 200th, what. ;_;

HOLY JUMPING JACKSTICKS. ♥♥♥♥♥ I am so flattered, you guys. Thank you so much. ^^ S-So because I've been so awful about my last set of requests, I thought I'd open up something a little different this time.

THEREFORE. I'm going to open SPEED REQUESTS a la regis over at tentacleness. I know it's not nearly as much as a normal request round, but seeing as I was so epically bad at churning those out last time... /cries in a corner


• Only the first 5 people get icons. Sorry! D: You may reserve, but please come back with an image within 10 minutes or so, or I will have to delete the comment. I want to get these all done today!
• Only one image per person! W-Well, I might be persuaded to do more, but they might not show up today...
• Your icons will be made within the next few hours.
• You can give me... oh, hell, whatever you want me to icon, really. No animated icons, though.
• All requests will be shareable.
• If you're requesting manga coloring, provide a color reference - HQ and MQ scans only, please? ♥

So yeah. Thanks again, you guys... I really appreciate the support. For anyone looking at this really closely, I'll link you a preview icon of my next batch here. (Don't forget to credit! xD;;) Hopefully this icon community will continue to grow at this (rather alarming) rate! 8D Love y'all. Here's the code for the requests:

0/5 spots left!
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{104 icons} In which I am not proud

H'okay, so! I've been away for a while, eh? Durr. Yeah. So just for the sake of posting stuff, I'm posting, and hoping it'll make you guys not hate me while I complete the next batch? D: Sorry, y'all - real life ran away with me for a while, there.

So these aren't exactly my prettiest creations ever, but I hope you like them anyway. More requests coming!

17 Digimon
15 Bleach
18 Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (A little NSFW?)
13 Harry Potter + Actors
10 Supernatural
7 Other shit (Twilight, Angel Sanctuary, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Questionable Content, Stock, Smallville)

13 Non-shareable requests
2 shareable requests


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{114 icons} In which I reinstate a tradition nearly lost

So it's sort of my tradition from back at _ashenicons to icon the hell out of the Tony Awards every year. I have half a real!batch and quite a lot of your requests done, but with this alarming output for this year's installment of Morph's Tony Award Extravaganza!, I thought I'd post 'em separately.

I'm gonna start with the performances, and all the actors and whatnot will be grouped in no particular order. ^^ ghjdhjkgd, I am unsatisfied with these...

114 2009 Tony Awards (see tags)


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{107 icons} In which I really, really deviate from the norm


So I still don't have a tablet, you guys, which means the requests are still not done. D8 I swear, as soon as I get a new one, finishing the requests will be my top priority. In the meantime, I started playing around with real photos (gasp!) to see if I could actually do 'em... this is the result of testing and whatnot. Never fear, we shall soon return to your regular programming! ♥ Thanks for being patient, all. ^^

30 Supernatural
20 Harry Potter (movies, cast, Shoebox Project quotes)
42 Stock, Fact & Quote
15 Animanga (KHR!, Bleach)


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{105 icons} In which I pine for a tablet again

ghjdshgjdk guys. My tablet is kaput. S-So it'll be a little while till I can make any more icons (read: like a week till I get a new one), so I thought I might just post what I have for now, yeah? Might as well. So yes, requests are coming, but I'll be able to work on 'em only after I get a new tablet, si? ♥

45 Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
15 Questionable Content
15 Bleach
30 Misc. (Harry Potter, Emma Watson, RENT tour, Stock, Watchmen, xxxholic, Tsubasa, PotC, Angel Sanctuary)


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rebornicontest rebornicontest rebornicontest rebornicontest rebornicontest

Yeah, yeah, I know - where are the icons? The requests? They're comin', guys, I swear, I just can't find my tablet pen at the moment, though I have perfect faith that it'll turn up soon. In the meantime...

I created this icontest thinger, 'cause all the other KHR ones seem to be kinda kaput and I felt like it. It'll officially open once I've got 15+ members, so join join join!

Also forgive my banner for being boring/ugly, I had like four seconds to code the layout of this thing. xD;;
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